Author: SA Boating Licence Course

Clean Seas, Please! Tips for Trash-Free Boating

Rubbish in our waterways poses a significant environmental threat, jeopardizing aquatic ecosystems and human health alike.

Selecting the Right Boat for Your Activities

Choosing a boat like you choose a partner; the right one makes life so much easier.

How to Safely Navigate Around New Year’s Eve

Ring in the New Year’s Eve on the water—where your resolutions float away faster than the speedboats!

Yule Tide Terrors: The Hazards of Boating Around Christmas

Santa’s swapped his sleigh for a boat, and Rudolph’s GPS navigation skills are about to get a nautical upgrade!

How to Launch Your Boat from a Boat Ramp

Learn how to gracefully launch your vessel without making the next viral blooper reel.

Servicing Inflatable and Non-Inflatable Lifejackets

Give your lifejacket a spa day, because looking ‘shipshape’ isn’t just for boats!

How to Best Navigate Stormy Seas

Welcome aboard the S.S. Adventure: where our idea of a stormy relationship is with the weather, not your significant other.

Navigating History: Boating Around SA’s Shipwrecks

Follow these tips to avoid joining the shipwrecks at the bottom of the sea.

Keeping Your Vessel Shipshape

Look after your boat and it’ll provide you years of safe, reliable enjoyment.

Mastering the Art of Fishing

I once caught a fish thiiiiiiiiiiiis big (and I did it with these fishing tips!)